Courses for other degree programs

Our institute offers courses in Business Chemistry and Management in various degree programmes. Please visit the Learnweb of the University of Münster for lecture notes of our courses.

  • B.Sc. Chemistry/Food Chemistry

    As part of the compulsory module 'Additional Skills', we regularly offer a case study seminar for students on the Bachelor of Chemistry and Bachelor of Food Chemistry courses. During the seminar, you will be presented with a real-life management problem from the chemical industry, which you will analyse independently and work on in small teams. The number of participants is limited. Registration is required.

  • M.Sc. Chemistry

    Every summer semester (2nd block) we offer the module "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (14 CP) in the Master's programme in Chemistry. The module provides a compact and practical introduction to the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship. Enrolment is via the Study Coordination of Faculty 12.

  • Master Business Administration

    The Institute of Business Administration is part of the Centre for Management of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Münster. Several modules (e.g. Strategic Analysis, Foundations of Research, Technology and Innovation) are offered to students of the Master of Business Administration with a major or minor in Management. Further information can be found on the CfM website and on the Learnweb pages of the modules.

  • M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences

    We offer the modules Patent Law, Strategic Analysis and Fundamentals of Research, Technology and Innovation for students of the Master Programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Münster. 

  • PhD seminars

    We offer four different doctoral seminars for doctoral students in the natural sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics):

    • Entrepreneurship & Start-up Management (next seminar in summer term 2025)
    • Innovation Management in Research-intensive Industries (summer term 2024; registration by 31.03.2024 via email to Anne Große Daldrup, 
    • Corporate Strategies (next seminar in winter term 2024/25)
    • Competitive Analysis (next seminar in winter term 2025/26)