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This main section contains information and materials on the content of the various modules and seminars.

Students of Business Chemistry

All the teaching offered by the Institute of Business Administration can be found in the section MSc Business Chemistry on the right.

Lecture materials for other courses offered as part of the MSc in Business Chemistry can, as a rule, be found on the websites of the relevant departments. Click here for an overview of the Economics Departments, and here for an overview of the Institutes in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

  • Natural Science Students

    The Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at Münster University offers a range of Business Administration teaching for students and PhD candidates in Natural Sciences. The aim is to teach the basics of Business Administration.

    Teaching the basics of Business Administration to natural scientists – to students and PhD candidates alike – is done in a variety of programmes and modules. A command of this basic knowledge is in greater demand today than it was in the past due to the increasing interconnectedness of functions within a company, e.g. research and development, accounting and marketing.

    This, in detail, is the teaching offered for the following courses of study:

    Final theses, e.g. Master’s theses, can also be written in collaboration with the Institute of Business Administration. Information on writing final theses can be found under Master Thesis.