News 2022

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We are hiring new student workers!

At the IfbM of the University of Münster, several positions as Student Assistant (with Bachelor's degree) with 6 hrs/week (time allocation flexible) are available starting February 2023.

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Mr. Patent Attorney Dipl.-Ing. Tarvenkorn visits the IfbM

On Thursday, September 01, Mr. Oliver Tarvenkorn, patent attorney and partner of Tarvenkorn & Wickord Patentanwälte PartG mbB, visited the IfbM to introduce the field of activity of a patent attorney to a mixed audience of natural scientists (chemistry, biochemistry, business chemistry and others).

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Enhancement in the team of professors at the Department of Business Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Simon Lux has taken up the professorship for Applied Electrochemical Energy Storage Technology and Business Chemistry on August 1, 2022. Together with him, Prof. Dr. Jens Leker and Junior Professor Dr. Stephan von Delft as well as the entire team of the Business Chemistry are looking forward to the upcoming time.

Guest lectures by Dr. Nils Dülfer on innovation management in the chemical industry

Twice we had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Nils Dülfer, Managing Director of IMP³ROVE, the innovation unit of the global, American management consultancy Kearney, as a virtual speaker. Dr. Dülfer did us the honor on the one hand as a speaker in front of our master students of business chemistry on the 13th of May and on the other hand as a guest speaker in the context of the doctoral seminar "Innovation management in research-intensive industries" on the 25th of May 2022.