News 2023

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Northwestern University in Münster

We had the pleasure to welcome the students from Northwestern University to our institute for business chemistry. It was great fun to introduce our research topics and to discuss fundamental sustainability issues together.
Looking forward to future exchanges! 

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Roland Berger visits the "Entrepreneurship & Start-up Management" PhD students' seminar

Last Wednesday evening, 24 May, we welcomed a team from the Munich head office of the global strategy consultancy Roland Berger. As part of our PhD student seminar "Entrepreneurship & Startup Management", our PhD students from the natural sciences were able to gain insights into the everyday work of a consultant and into the topics of entrepreneurship and business models in strategy consulting.

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Start-up impressions for the doctoral students in our "Entrepreneurship" seminar

In this year's PhD seminar by Prof. Leker, the PhD students were once again able to gain impressions on what it means to found a company - provided by real founders. The core message of the attending four start-ups was clear: Since start-ups in chemistry require high investments, it is advisable to rely on one's intuition and a good relationship with one's fund manager when it comes to financing. Another thing to remember: Get out there and tell people about your idea! And last but not least, you can also build a smart business out of ideas that were originally not quite so serious.

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IfbM at the International Battery Materials Association (IBA) 2023 meeting in Austin, Texas.

Represented by Prof. Dr. Simon Lux and PhD student Jannis Wesselkämper, IfbM participated in this year's IBA conference in March. In honor of Nobel Laureate John B. Goodenough, the conference was held at the University of Texas at his hometown Austin. Together with the IBA Board, IBA Board Chair Prof. Dr. Martin Winter from MEET welcomed numerous prominent guests in battery research, including Nobel Laureates Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino. 

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IfbM in Brazil - Insights into Technology Transfer in Brazil

The two-week trip to Brazil by the Institute's management ended with numerous new impressions and insights into cooperation between industry and academia.
We took the opportunity to discuss research topics such as innovation and sustainability with partners from various institutions and to exchange ideas about the possibilities of knowledge transfer in the context of country-specific conditions.

We are hiring two new research associates!

At the Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Münster, two positions as research associates (E13 TV-L) with 65% of the regular weekly working time are to be filled as soon as possible. The positions are initially limited to 3 years, but can be extended in the context of doctoral studies. The full-time teaching load is 4 SWS.

We are hiring a research associate!

The Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Münster has a vacancy for the soonest possible date as a Research Associate (E13 TV-L) with 65% of the regular weekly working hours. The position is initially limited to 3 years, but can be extended in the context of the doctorate. The full-time teaching load is 4 SWS.