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'We listen to the sound of light.'

Prof. Michael Schäfers on Photoacoustic Imaging

Just recently the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence (CiM) obtained a new device for 'photoacoustic imaging'. Prof. Michael Schäfers from the team of CiM coordinators explains in an interview with Christina Heimken why this prototype is especially important.

New Microscope Helps Exploring the Organised Chaos in Cells

The new Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging was inaugurated by CiM professor Roland Wedlich-Söldner and his team on November 27th, 2013. During a lab tour the guests could take a look at a new ultra-modern microscope that combines three optical microscopy techniques in one.

CiM-IMPRS students win ‘Science Day’ prizes

The Medical Faculty ‘Science Day’ was held on November 26th, 2013, where Rim Hjeij and Lema Yousif of the CiM-IMPRS graduate school were awarded poster prices of 400 € each.

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"The best ideas come in discussions with others"

At the weekly "BrownBagLunch" of the Cells-in Motion Cluster of Excellence, young researchers exchange ideas on innovative approaches in experimental medicine. The university newspaper 'living|knowledge' now reports on this new network platform. Enjoy reading the original report (in German language).

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'ERC Advanced Grant' for Prof. Ralf Adams

The European Research Council has yet again awarded a scientist from the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence for his outstanding work: biochemist Prof. Dr. Ralf Heinrich Adams receives an 'ERC Advanced Grant' which is bestowed with 2.5 million Euros.

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New members of the External Advisory Board

On occasion of the junior research group leader symposium Elisabeth Knust and Nils Brose came to Münster to present their research and to support the steering committee.

Welcome, Prof. Andrea Rentmeister!

Andrea Rentmeister is the new CiM Professor of Biomolecular Label Chemistry starting at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Münster University today. Her working group develops novel methods to selectively label biomolecules in living cells.

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CiM researchers reveal new mechanism of MS pathogenesis

Scientists of Muenster University have found a potassium channel that regulates immune-cell trafficking into the CNS. The activation of this channel could be the first step towards new therapies of Multiple Sclerosis. This was shown by biologists and physicians working with CiM professor Sven Meuth in a study published in Nature Medicine.

Ryan Gilmour
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Prestigious funding for chemistry network

The European Commission has granted a massive 3.3 million Euros to a team of fluorine chemists from a number of states. Amongst this group is Prof. Ryan Gilmour, newly appointed CiM Professor of Chemical Biology, and member of the Cells in Motion Excellence Cluster.