• 11/2022

    Adobe Acrobat 2017 - License expires

    you may have already received a message in the "Adobe Acrobat 2017" application, that the current license will expire on December 1st, 2022. From this day on, this version can no longer be used. Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the license. The alternative version "Adobe Acrobat Pro DC" is used for this.

    In order to be able to use this application, each user must activate a so-called "Azure ID" once in the IT portal - if you have not already done so. To do this, please proceed as follows:

    1. Log in to the IT portal with your WWU ID and your WWU password:

    Under "Software (Licenses, etc.)" click on "Activate Microsoft Azure Account". Assign the Microsoft Azure password (it should be different from your WWU password (central standard password) or your network access password!).

    Enter YES in the field provided to consent to the transfer of data to Microsoft. This is necessary to use the license. Now activate your Microsoft Azure account.

    2. In the IT portal, click on "WWU ID and group memberships" and there on "...apply for new". In the selection field, look for the user group "u3aapnu" and apply for it by clicking on "Next". After the group has been registered, it takes about 1-1.5 hours until you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If you receive a message that you need to change your password, you can simply ignore this message.

    Now you can log into the software with your Azure ID and the associated Azure password. We will automatically distribute the application via the Software-Center from 16th November 2022 on to NWZ PCs (usually all desktop PCs on which you can log in with the WWU ID and the associated password). For all other PCs (also for home use), you can download and install the application via a Sciebo-Link, which we will provide to you if required.

    Reminder: SnapGene for NWZ computers

    We would like to once again point out the possibility of using SnapGene version 6.1 in the Department of Biology. On NWZ PCs you can install the application yourself via the Software Center. Instructions can be found in our last newsletter from 09/2022. If you want to install and use SnapGene on another PC (e.g. a laptop), please let us know and we will do the installation/licensing for you.

    Critical vulnerability in OpenSSL 3.0

    At this point we would like to pass on a note from the IVV to you. The BSI has published a warning about a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL 3.0 (versions below 3.0 are said to be unaffected). No details are currently known about the vulnerability, apart from the high criticality, which makes it difficult to assess the situation. There are no indications of attacks so far. A patch has since been provided:
    This should be implemented promptly, since due to the widespread use of OpenSSL, attack attempts must be expected as soon as more details about the vulnerability are published.

    A list of potentially affected software and patch information can be found here:

    Hardware from our IT warehouse

    Some time ago we set up a small IT warehouse from which we can serve requests at short notice. In this warehouse we maintain standard hardware such as Dell laptops, desktops and monitors. But components such as mice, keyboards, headsets or webcams are also available. If you or your working group need new hardware, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • 09/2022

    Security at the workplace - Digital IDs

    Digital IDs, or user certificates, are an option to secure email communication. Most importantly, they can be used to sign outgoing emails which can be compared to putting a postcard in an envelope and affixing a seal. This enables the recipient to verify that the letter really was sent by a particular person and it guarantees that it was not manipulated along the way. Digital IDs can also be used to encrypt messages end-to-end, thus making them unreadable during the whole delivery process. For end-to-end encryption the recipient must own a digital ID.

    We are aiming to digitally sign all official emails from the WWU in the near future and will try to extend the usage of digital IDs in regular email communication at the WWU as well. For this purpose the Münster University Certification Authority (WWUCA) offers free digital IDs for all members of the WWU. You can use MyZIV to request such digital ID for yourself.

    All up-to-date email applications are able to automatically sign messages or encrypt them when needed, once a digital ID is available. Signatures of recieved emails are usually checked automatically as well and a seal is displayed next to it if the signature is correct. Further information can be found on the website of the WWUCA.

    Requesting a Digital ID
    Importing and Using a Digital ID

    Source: IT Security at Münster University

    SmartBoards in the faculty of Biology

    Are you interested in a SmartBoard? We would be happy to introduce you to the SmartBoards already in use in the faculty and explain the advantages and disadvantages compared to a beamer.

    But what is a SmartBoard anyway? A SmartBoard or interactive whiteboard is, simply put, a television with a touch screen. Various programs such as PowerPoint, Word, a web browser or Zoom can be used via an operating system. There is even an optional webcam for Zoom. 

    SnapGene and MEGA for NWZ Computer

    The product SnapGene version 6.1 is now available for the biology faculty. This can be installed on NWZ computers independently. Since the department currently has only 100 licenses, we ask you to install SnapGene only when it is really needed.

    Furthermore, the application MEGA 11 can now be found in the SoftwareCenter and can be installed in the same way.

    For the installation you have to search and start the software center in the start menu first.
    © Uni MS
    Then, in the "Applications" section, you will find the application "Biologie – SnapGene 6.1.0".
    You can select this with a click. Another click on install starts the installation of the program.
    After a few minutes SnapGene is successfully installed and can now be found in the start menu under Biology.
  • 04-05/2022

    Useful key combinations in Windows

    A key combination is the simultaneous pressing of two or more keys. A key combination can be used to perform actions that would normally require a mouse. Key combinations exist for every operating system and are therefore very different. On some DELL keyboards, you may also have to press the blue FN key.

    At this point we would like to present some useful combinations for Windows 10. For the first combinations, the so-called "Windows key" must be pressed. This is also known as the "Start key" or "Flag key".

    Key combinations with the Windows key:
    Windows + E: Windows Explorer
    Windows + D: Show desktop
    Windows + I: Open settings
    Windows + L: Lock computer
    Windows + P: select display mode for presentations
    Windows + Shift + S: Create screenshot
    Windows + V: Open clipboard
    Windows + . (dot): open emoji menu
    Windows + arrow keys: move program
    Windows + + (plus): activate magnifying glass  

    Key combinations with the Ctrl key:
    Ctrl + A: Select all elements / complete text
    Ctrl + X: Cut
    Ctrl + C: Copy
    Ctrl + V: Paste
    Ctrl + Z: Undo
    Ctrl + Shift + N: Create new folder
    Ctrl + Alt + Del: Show security options
    Ctrl + Alt + Esc: Show Task Manager

    You can find a complete overview on the following website: Key combinations in Windows

    CRIS.WWU receives an update

    During the period from May 09 to May 20, 2022, an extensive system update will be performed on the CRIS.WWU database. During this time, you will not be able to log into CRIS or access your data. However, websites that embed data from CRIS.WWU will continue to be served with the data status prior to the update.
    For more information, please visit the website of CRIS.NRW

    Advance notice: Power shutdown at server location IG1

    Due to maintenance on the medium-voltage system, the entire IG1 must be switched off during the night from 15.09. to 16.09.2022. This also affects the server room located there. Therefore, all redundant services will be swung to the second server location AC/PC1 on 09/15 and subsequently shut down. All non-redundant services like some group drives will not be available during this time!

    A more detailed schedule and the affected group drives will be provided by IVV4 - NWZ in due time and will be forwarded by the IT service accordingly.

    Software for home use

    Within the scope of the corresponding license conditions, you can install software from DNASTAR, Microsoft, National Instruments, Origin, Perkin Elmer and VMware on your private computer. For example, you can install Microsoft Office 365 via Microsoft Azure on up to 5 (private) PCs. Access to Microsoft Azure must be set up once in the IT portal under "Licenses (software, etc.)". An overview of the software available free of charge can be found here: NWZ Software at Home as well as here: Software for students & employees for home

  • 03/2022

    New server for module handbook & elections

    As of 01.04.2022, the module handbook and future elections will be moved to a new server. This became necessary mainly due to the current security standards, which were no longer supported by the old system. The new server will replace the old one 1:1, i.e. nothing will change for you as a result of this changeover. All URLs/links will remain the same and the layout will not change.

    Presentation of Smartboards and SnapGene

    At the university professor meeting on 01.04.2022 we will present the possibilities of a SmartBoard as a support in teaching. For this purpose an existing device of the company i3-Technologies will be used:

    Furthermore, the software SnapGene will be presented by Professor Karin Busch. In addition, we will give an overview of the licensing and cost models.

    Presentation of Imperia

    Due to the update of Imperia, the layput and thus also the operation of the system has changed significantly. We would like to give all interested participants an overview of the new Imperia and explain the main features. For this presentation we have planned a zoom meeting for Tuesday, 05 Apri 2022 at 10:00h. The duration is set to a maximum of one hour. If you are interested in this presentation, please send us a short eMail to We will then send you the login data for the meeting. We would be very pleased about a lively participation.

    Short lecture and discussion on electronic lab books (ELBs) at WWU and NWZ

    Next Thursday, March 24th at 2pm-3pm we are pleased to welcome Dr. Berkemeier from ULB to our IVV colloquium for a short talk followed by a discussion on electronic lab books (ELBs). The event will take place via Zoom:

  • 02/2022

    Presentation of the IT Service

    Who and for whom?

    Andreas Vogelsang has been employed at WWU since 2009. After his education at the IVV4 - Natural Sciences he initially worked with two half-time positions in Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology and IVV4 - Natural Sciences before he changed in December 2015 to the FB Biology as a system administrator.

    Michael Bohle has been employed at WWU since July 2021. Originally coming from the hardware/ and software development in the field of traffic engineering, where he was also responsible for the IT as the sole system administrator for the company site, he moved to the IT of the FB Biology in summer 2021, where he is now also working as a system administrator.

    In principle, the responsibility extends across the entire FB. The tasks are divided among each other depending on availability - or if the scope requires it - also done together. There is no separation according to institutes or areas. For this reason, contact should ideally be made via the hotline 21200 or by e-mail via .

    For the fulfillment of our activities we are always in close contact with the IVVNWZ or the EMU IT. There is a clear separation of responsibilities for individual areas (e.g. software, server, WLAN, mail, ...). So that you do not have to worry about this, you can simply always contact us and we will take over the communication with the corresponding institution - if necessary for the implementation of the task. An explanation of the tasks of these facilities can be found here:
    WWU IT


    Since our field of activity is very diverse, we would like to give you an overview here of the areas of IT we cover.

    • General and specific administration of servers/PCs/laptops/tablets/mobile phones and other end devices (direct and remote)
    • Administration/maintenance/demonstration of technology in rooms/buildings such as labs, seminar rooms, lecture halls, etc.
    • Problem solving of various kinds and across all platforms, for hardware and software
    • Planning/organization of hosting and maintenance of websites (internal/external), CM systems
    • Organization/execution of elections/votes/events etc.
    • Workshops on individual topics (on request)
    • Development activities e.g. in high level languages like C/C++ and the (further) development of tools/applications with defined time (embedded & PC)
    • Recommendation/procurement and setup/installation of hardware and software
    • Communication/contact person for all IT/IT security issues
    • ...

    Change of software installation for NWZ computers

    Since not every user needs all software, IT Service has decided to install only the most frequently used software automatically. The rest of the software can be installed independently by the user.

    For the installation only the SoftwareCenter has to be started. To do this, click on the Windows icon and enter "Softwarecenter". Then start the application.

    In the SoftwareCenter you can view all available applications under "Applications" and also install applications. To do this, simply click on the desired application and select "Install" in the next step. Depending on the application, the installation will take a few minutes. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the application.

    As of February 9th, 2022, the following software is available. (Available) after the software name means which software can be installed independently.

    • 7-Zip
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 (Available)
    • Affinity Designer (Available)
    • Affinity Photo (Available)
    • Affinity Publisher (Available)
    • AnyBurn (Available)
    • ChemDraw Professional (Available)
    • Citavi 6
    • Citrix Workspace App
    • Corel Painter 2022 (Available)
    • Corel Paintshop Pro 2022 (Available)
    • Corel VideoStudio 2019 (Available)
    • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 (Available)
    • DNASTAR Lasergene
    • FileZilla FTP Client (Available)
    • Ghostscript 
    • GIMP (Available)
    • Google Chrome
    • Greenshot
    • GSView
    • Inkscape (Available)
    • IrfanView (Available)
    • KeePass (Available)
    • Maple 2016 (Available)
    • Mathematica (Available)
    • MathType (Available)
    • Mattermost (Available)
    • MaxQuant (Available)
    • Mendeley
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Project 2019
    • Microsoft Visio 2019
    • Mozilla Firefox 
    • Mozilla Thunderbird (Available)
    • Notepad++
    • Origin 2021 (Available)
    • PDF24 Creator
    • Perseus (Available)
    • PyMOL (Available)
    • Python 2.7 (Available)
    • Python 3.7 (Available)
    • QtiPlot (Available)
    • R (Available)
    • RStudio (Available)
    • Refworks Write-N-Cite
    • Sciebo (Available)
    • Sigmaplot (Available)
    • SPSS (Available)
    • Tracker (Available)
    • VLC Player
    • Zoom
    Starting the SoftwareCenter
    © Uni MS
    Overview of the software which is available
    © Uni MS
    Detail view of a software and possibility to install it
    © Uni MS
    Installation of an application is performed
    © Uni MS
    Software is installed and can be uninstalled again if necessary
    © Uni MS

    Use of "Unified Communication" (UC) services for telephones

    Since the switch to a more modern telephone system, which also resulted in the exchange of all telephones, it is very easy to check who called via the website Forwarding to other devices such as private smartphones can also be easily set up and activated. If you would like to call someone from the home office, you can have the dialing process carried out via OpenScape. The person called only sees your work number and not your private number.

    How to activate the web client and many different instructions can be found here