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Institut für Analysis und Numerik
Orléans-Ring 10
48149 Münster
Office 120.027
Phone: +49 251 83 35142


  • Curriculum vitae

    since 2017 Professor, University of Münster
    2014–2017 Lecturer, University of Bonn
    2011–2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Canada
    2011 Doctorate in Mathematics (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Leipzig
    2010–2011 Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Science (MPI-MIS), Leipzig
    2008–2010 Research Assistant, University of Bonn
    2008 Diplom in Mathematics, University of Bonn


    2013 Nonlinearity 2013 Highlights Collection: Maximal mixing by incompressible flows
    2010–2012 Oberwolfach Leibniz Graduate Student
    2008 Diplom “mit Auszeichung”, University of Bonn

  • ► Behind the Science

    Excellence, brilliance, genius – these qualities are often attributed to scientists who have produced groundbreaking results or who have been awarded prestigious prizes for their outstanding work. Other areas of science often benefit from their findings and the achievements are admired. But who are these outstanding researchers, and how did their important results come about? In addition to all the genius, was there even a little luck involved?

    With the video series “Behind the Science” we take a look behind the scenes and learn more about people, how they came to their scientific findings and the ups and downs that research can bring. Listen with excitement to the interviews and be inspired and motivated!


    Idea and conception: Habiba Mohtadi and Christian Seis

    Pruduced by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster