Research interests

The general research interests of the group lie in applied analysis, more precisely in the calculus of variations and the mathematical modeling of problems in materials science. Research questions and mathematical techniques include:

  • Multiscale Methods

  • Gamma-convergence, relaxation, and integral representation

  • Free-discontinuity problems

  • Atomistic models and discrete-to-continuum limits

  • Crystallization

  • Geometric rigidity and linearization

  • Functions of bounded variation/deformation

  • Geometric measure theory

  • Nonlinear evolution equations

Main research directions

The current main research directions of the group are

Variational problems involving bulk and surface energies

Molecular structures

Gradient flows in solid mechanics


Publications of the group, ordered by topics:

Variational models of brittle fracture

  • M. Friedrich, M. Perugini, F. Solombrino: Gamma-convergence for free-discontinuity problems in linear elasticity: Homogenization and relaxation. Submitted 2020. [Preprint]

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Epitaxially strained films and material voids

  • M. Friedrich, L. Kreutz, K. Zemas: Geometric rigidity in variable domains and derivation of linearized models for elastic materials with free surfaces. Submitted 2021. [Preprint]

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Multiphase materials

  • M. Friedrich, L. Kreutz, B. Schmidt: Emergence of rigid polycrystals from atomistic systems with Heitmann-Radin sticky disk energy. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., to appear. [Preprint]

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Foundation of the function space SBD

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Crystallization and lattice energies

  • L. Bétermin, M. Friedrich, U. Stefanelli: Lattice ground states for Embedded-Atom Models in 2D and 3D. Submitted 2021. [Preprint]

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Geometry and stability of nanostructures

  • M. Friedrich, M. Seitz, U. Stefanelli: Tilings with nonflat squares: a characterization. Submitted 2021. [Preprint]

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Spin systems

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Cleavage laws in brittle crystals

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Nonlinear viscoelasticity

  • M. Friedrich, L. Machill: Derivation of a one-dimensional von Kármán theory for viscoelastic ribbons. Submitted 2021. [Preprint]

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