CV Frank Natterer




1963 Vordiplom in Mathematics and Physics, University of Freiburg
1966 Diplom in Mathematics and Physics, University of Hamburg
1968 PhD in Mathematics, University of Hamburg.
Advisor: Ludwig Collatz

Positions held:

1966-1973: Computing Centre of the University of Hamburg
1971-1972: Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Bloomington, Indiana
1973-1981: Professor for Applied Mathematics at the University of Saarbruecken
1974-1975: Head of the Computing Centre of the University of Saarbruecken
Spring 1978: Visiting Professor at the University of Oregon in Corvallis
1981-present: Professor for Applied Mathematics at the University of Muenster
1984-1985: Chairman of the Department of Mathematics


2002: Honorary Doctorate, University of Saarbrücken.

Affiliation with Journals

1995-1999: Honorary Editor of Inverse Problems
2000-present: International Advisory Panel of Inverse Problems
1997-present: Editorial Board of The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
1992-1995: Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging
1998-present: Advisory Board of Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
1996-present: Associate Editor of International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology
1996-2001: Editorial Board of SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics

Grants (since 1990)

Bildrekonstruktion aus Rückstreuung (DFG, 2003 – present)

Fortgeschrittene Tomographische Verfahren (DFG, 1990-1992)
Ultraschall-Tomographie (DFG, 1997-2002)
Schall-Pyrometrie (BMBF, 1994-2000)
Emission Tomography (Marconi Medical Systems, 1998-2002)
Tomography in Furnaces (RWE, 1990-1994)
Tomography in Geoscience (INTAS, 1996-2000)


Fast Transform For Reconstruction Of  Rotating-Slat Data, US Patent Nr. 0207734

Apparatus and Method for Imaging with Wavefields Using Inverse
Scattering Techniques. US Patent Nr. 6005916, 1999.
Computer-TomographDeutsches Patent Nr. DE 4140631 C1, 1991.


GAMM (Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik)
DFG-Fachausschuss Mathematik, 2000-2004
DMV (Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung)
Committee on the Mathematics and Physics of Emerging
Dynamic Biomedical Imaging (National Research Council), 1994-1996

Graduate students:

16 PhD students

Research interests:

Numerical Analysis of inverse problems, in particular
algorithms for image reconstruction in tomography and
related areas


About 100 research articles, 2 books (1986, 2001), 3 books edited