Prof. Dr. Colin Walker Cryer

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Angewandte Mathematik: Institut für Analysis und Numerik
Einsteinstraße 62
D-48149 Münster


Colin Walker Cryer was Director of the institute since 1983. In 2000, he retired from official duties.  His main interest is in Numerical Analysis. Much about his life and work is described in the speech of Prof. Frank Natterer, held in honor of his retirement.


Colin Walker Cryer, A Math primer for engineers. IOS Press, Amsterdam 2014.

Colin Walker Cryer, Numerical functional analysis. Clarendon, Oxford, 1982.

Lecture notes

Colin Walker Cryer retired from teaching in 2000, but his lecture notes still exist and are still useful.

List of Completed PhDs

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