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Colloquium  'Variation in Language Acquisition' (ViLA) -  February 10-11,  2012

Despite repeated calls for in-depth research the acquisition of sociolinguistic variation remains to be an underinvestigated topic both in sociolinguistics and in language acquisition research. Yet several reasons can be given why the language of children, adolescents and L2-learners is a worthwhile topic of investigation: first, the ability to perceive and employ variation in speech is an integral part of people’s linguistic competence, and the field of language acquisition cannot afford to study the acquisition process in a sociolinguistic vacuum.  In addition, the process of language transmission has been quoted for more than a century as a potential cause of language change. For instance, processes of dialect levelling, loss and koinèisation are believed to take place primarily in children and adolescents, whereas second language acquisition is believed to underlie change through language contact. Finally, as do acquisition processes in general, the acquisition of sociolinguistic variation may cast light over issues relating to the relationship between language and mind, including the language learning process and the nature of grammatical knowledge.

The workshop addresses sociolinguistic variation both in first and second/foreign languages. We hope to bring together scholars working on the acquisition of variation in different languages, in order to engage in cross-linguistic comparison and set a research agenda for the near future.


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