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The Excellence Strategy at the University of Münster

The Excellence Strategy at the University of Münster

In September 2018 the national "Excellence Commission" will decide which three University of Münster proposals will be funded for seven years beginning in January 2019. In addition to applying for a renewal of the existing excellence clusters “Religion and Politics” and “Cells in Motion,” the University applied to fund a new project in mathematics, "Mathematics Münster. Dynamics – Geometry – Structure".

Research networks

Cluster of Excellence
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The University of Münster supports cutting-edge research in high-performing areas. At the same time, its broad research spectrum has given rise to a unique interdisciplinary network within the University. The Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" demonstrates how this interdisciplinary research approach works.


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The University of Münster has cultivated numerous research alliances with national and international partners. Cooperative ventures with leading corporations and industrial partners attest to the attractiveness of the University as a centre of application-based research.