Statistics and reports

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The University of Münster's statistical yearbooks are a compilation of the most important events and statistics from the previous year.  Intended to be both informative and enjoyable to read, each edition is published in English and German.

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Research A-Z

The Research A-Z portal profiles the University's researchers and their research activities. Serving as the official research report of the University since 2012, it covers research from all 15 faculties. Older editions of the research report can be downloaded in PDF format from our archive.
Research Report Archive [de]

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Official Announcements [de]

The University of Münster's official announcements are a public platform for information on the University's provisions, statutes and rules, and any changes made to them.

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Year-end Reports [de]

Similar to major corporations, the University of Münster issues year-end reports, declaring its financial standing with details on balances, earnings, a status report and an appendix of explanatory notes.

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Statistics [de]

The statistics section includes standard information about the University of Münster and its research, study programmes, teaching, budget, staff and infrastructure. Each year the University also issues a statistical yearbook.