Designing Diversity - Diversity Audit at the University of Münster

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The University of Münster  is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. It values diversity in all its dimensions as an opportunity for enrichment and fosters an environment which allows all members of its community to achieve their full potential irrespective of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, sex, socio-economic class, disability and gender. Our commitment to equity and diversity lies at the core of our strategic mission as it impacts all organisational levels and each individual member of the University. Our goal is to promote an organisational culture based upon mutual respect and understanding for the dignity and worth of every person, and where everyone is treated equitably and free from discrimination.

The University acknowledges that the creation of a campus culture characterised by the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing process. To advance and promote this process in the most innovative and sustainable way, the University of Münster has successfully applied to participate in the Diversity Audit carried out by the Stifterverband.

About the Audit

The audit offers advice and support to institutions of higher education in designing policies, procedures and programmes which offer a diverse group of people broader opportunities for participation and access. The audit itself combines various key components of organisational development with peer-to-peer advising and external support from an auditor. The goal of the auditing process is to develop a holistic diversity strategy which is tailored towards the specific needs of the University of Münster.