Mission Statement on Diversity

Mutual respect, a cosmopolitan mindset, internationality and diverse perspectives – situated at the centre of society, the University of Münster embraces diversity in all its dimensions. The diversity of our University staff and students with their unique characteristics, skills and perspectives is what drives and challenges us. Diversity is alive in the workplace when we learn from one another, freely exchange points of view, engage in self-reflection and jointly surmount shared challenges. The University of Münster regards diversity as enrichment and opportunity. When put into practice, diversity helps build the foundation for innovation and excellence in research, teaching, study and administration. It strengthens the University’s profile and position at the national, European and global level of higher education.

Diversity is a cross-sectional task of key significance across all areas of University operation and administration. All members of the University are called upon to actively shape a non-discriminatory and equitable organisational culture where stereotypical thinking is questioned and discriminatory behaviour is rejected. As a public institution, Living.Knowledge.Diversity also entails that the University of Münster assume social responsibility. Consequently, it actively communicates its commitment to diversity to the public sphere.

The University of Münster has instituted a proactive diversity policy which ensures equitable participation of all University members regardless of their ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or social background. The goal is to sustainably promote a respectful and appreciative campus and organisational culture where the principles of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and equitable participation are consistently implemented.

To continue expanding the necessary framework conditions, the University of Münster is actively working to dismantle institutional barriers and structural and individual discrimination. In view of the rich diversity of its employees and students, the University is especially focused on promoting the interdependence of the individual dimensions of diversity. In this way, the University is fostering an environment where individual possibilities and competence are promoted in a needs-based manner, further potentials of diversity are explored, and the equitable access to study, academic and non-academic careers is ensured.

The University of Münster aims to:

  • sustainably anchor and cultivate awareness of diversity, non-discrimination and educational equity in the University’s core activities through a broad selection of services and continue to advance the targeted development of suitable strategies and measures at all levels.
  • establish transparent procedures and processes within the existing central and decentralised University structures which offer ways to recognise, dismantle and prevent discrimination and structural barriers at an early stage.
  • promote diversity as a value through a targeted communication strategy and optimise public relations activities beyond the confines of the University of Münster.

The publication is based on the resolution approved by the Senate on 15 July 2020 (Res. 2020/0524), subsequently passed by the Rectorate on 23 July 2020 (Res. 2020/0565).