Diversity Charter

For more equal opportunity in practice

The University of Münster has signed the Diversity Charter [de], drafted by the non-profit organisation of the same name. The University of Münster is thus committed to embracing diversity within and outside the University, understanding the enriching potential and the opportunities it affords, and cultivating a campus culture characterised by mutual respect and appreciation.

“Universities, in particular, must regard diversity as a prerequisite for excellent academic performance. Academia thrives on the integration of different perspectives and a critical exchange at eye level,” explains Prof. Dr Maike Tietjens, Vice‐Rector for Academic Career Development and Diversity at the University of Münster. To this end, people with different backgrounds have to feel welcome, heard and accepted at the University. Diversity is fundamental for innovation and excellence in research, teaching, studies and administration. The signing of the charter represents an important milestone in a comprehensive diversity process at the University of Münster, devoted to consciously promoting this attitude and anchoring it throughout the University.

With regard to implementing the principles outlined in the Diversity Charter, the University of Münster will take part in the annual nationwide Diversity Day, among other events. Various theme-based events took place last year from 22 to 26 May 2023. “Signing and committing ourselves to the Charter reaffirms our already established principles of equal opportunity and makes them clearly visible to the outside world,” adds Tanja Beck, Diversity Coordinator at the University of Münster. “Every single member of our University can do their part in their own way."


The “Diversity Charter” Association is devoted to anchoring diversity measures in the corporate sector, public institutions and society. It works to convince businesses and institutions to embrace the idea of diversity, promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among the Charter’s signatories, and assist with its implementation. More than 4,700 organisations with some 14.9 million employees have since signed the Charter, including 125 institutions of higher education.

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