Links and contacts

Below you can find additional contacts in the area of degree programme development at the faculty and central administrative levels at the University of Münster.

Deans of Students

The Deans of Students are the primary contacts for all matters related to academics and teaching at the faculty level. You can find their contact data in the following directory which also provides a listing of the Dean's and Vice-Dean's Offices at the University.
Directory of Dean's Offices [de]

Programme coordinators

Degree programme coordinators are available in each faculty of the University of Münster. They are responsible for organising and coordinating the faculty's degree programmes at the operative level. Department 1.4 "Quality of University Teaching" provides a listing to help you find the right contact partner.
Dept. 1.4 "Quality of University Teaching" [de]

Degree course counsellors

The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) provides a complete list of degree course counsellors at the University of Münster.
Overview of degree course counsellors [de]

Department 1.4 "Quality of University Teaching"

The following staff members in the central administration can assist you with matters related to accreditation processes, preparation and follow-up work, degree programme development and quality development and assurance in university teaching.
Department 1.4 "Quality of University Teaching" [de]