Teaching Council

The Teaching Council is appointed by the Rectorate to consult and support the University management in fundamental and cross-disciplinary matters related to academics and teaching. Its tasks include developing quality assurance measures in order to secure future system accreditation, enhancing the profile of its teaching degree programmes, developing strategies for new degree programmes and advising the Rectorate on establishing new teaching guidelines. The members of the Teaching Council provide expertise on competitive procedures in the area of study and teaching. The Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies is an advisory member of the Teaching Council.


Office of the Teaching Council
Important prizes and competitions in teaching and academics

A new teaching advisory board will be constituted. Further information will follow.

Former members of the Teaching Council

Professor Dr Michael Joachim (mathematics): Vorsitzender 2018-2022

Professor Dr Cornelia Denz (physics): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Christine Dimroth (german studies): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Stephan Dutke (psychology): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Thomas Hoeren (law): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Judith Könemann (catholic theology): 2018-2022

Professor Dr rer. nat. Ulrich Mußhoff (medicine): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Ulrike Weyland (educational  science): 2018-2022

Professor Dr Dr hc Klaus Backhaus (business and economics): chairman 2011-2017

Professor Dr Gereon Heuft (medicine): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Christina Hoegen-Rohls (Protestant theology): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Michael Joachim (mathematics): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Regina Jucks (psychology): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Bruno Moerschbacher (biology): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Ewald Terhart (educational science): 2011-2017

Professor Dr Hans-Ulrich Thamer (history): 2011-2017