Funding opportunities for research visits abroad

One-year and short-term doctoral grants

The scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) enable doctoral candidates to complete one-month to one-year advanced qualification courses and research visits abroad as part of a doctoral programme at a German university. These scholarships are available to applicants in all disciplines.
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DAAD research grants for binationally supervised doctoral degrees

The DAAD also awards one-year scholarships to doctoral candidates whose dissertations are jointly supervised by a German and foreign university professor. This funding programme finances short-term stays at the foreign supervisor's department or faculty for a combined duration of one year, but can be divided into shorter visits over a course of three successive years.
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PROMOS scholarships for language courses, specialised courses and study, competition and concert trips

Through PROMOS, doctoral students can receive scholarships to cover the expense of language courses, specialised courses offered by foreign universities or academic organisations, as well as foreign study trips for at least five students or doctoral candidates lasting a max. of 12 days, and concert trips accompanied by at least one university instructor.
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Heinrich Hertz Foundation – Grants for research visits in the final phase of doctoral study

The Heinrich Hertz Foundation awards research grants to doctoral students who are in their final phase of their doctoral programmes and must conduct a research project abroad in order to complete them. The maximum funding period is six months.
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Fulbright scholarships for research visits in the USA

The Fulbright Commission awards scholarships to doctoral students to help them finance research projects in the United States in connection with their dissertation projects in Germany. Doctoral candidates in all disciplines are invited to apply, but special preference is given to (German) academics in the early stages of doctoral study.
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