MSc Seminar Random walks on trees and hyperbolic groups

First meeting:

The seminar is planned to take place as a block in the middle or at the end of the semester. We will discuss the details at the first meeting which is scheduled for April 20th, 2021 at 14:00 online via Zoom:

Password: trees

Professor: Prof. Dr. Chiranjib Mukherjee

Eintrag der Veranstaltung im kommentierten Vorlesungsverzeichnis


Simple random walks often behave differently on trees than on euclidean lattices. In particular, there is a deep connection between its speed, its tail behavior, its entropy and possession of non-constant bounded harmonic functions. We will look at some examples of these phenomena and see how such behavior extends to spaces which "look like" trees, i.e. Cayley graphs of hyperbolic groups.


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