Studying Sports Science

Studying Sports Science in Münster

The sports science studies in Münster, consisting of its B.A.- and M.Ed.-teaching fields of study incorporates a large amount of practical courses covering a large variety of sports. A similar focus is set on the theoretical courses concentrating on sports sciences ranging from sports medicine all the way to sports historical courses. Theoretical and practical aspects can also be combined in various singe courses.

Especially the practical courses convey a large amount of pedagogical and methodical skills by giving students a chance to give speeches or plan and execute an entire lesson. By doing this, the major skills required to become a teacher are learned. These abilities are then backed by theoretical aspects to ensure a well-rounded education of teachers.

Next to this solid scientific education and wide variety of tools which can be used not just at university but also in future jobs, team and communication skills are taught. These are accompanied by important aspect of physical and mental health to ensure a complete and well-rounded education.