If you would like to do a semester abroad, please choose one of the universities listed under Partner Universities. Important for your choice is the knowledge of the local language and language of education - you can find information on this also under the section "Partner Universities".

You can request free capacities for the desired university via Mail at sporterasmus@uni-muenster.de Please note that there can be a waiting list. If the required place is available, send your contact details, student's number, study subjects, current semester and the name of the university where you would like to do your Erasmussemester to Ms. Konken. Please submit a complete application to the Service-Center Sport within the application period. After expiry of the application period, the exchange places will be assigned accordingly. Then the students will be nominated at the partner university. Concomitant you will be informed about whether you have received an exchange place or not. In most cases, a direct application at the partner university is necessary, with which all data and facts about your person are asked. Please inform yourself about deadlines.

  • Application

    Applications for a semester abroad in winter have to be submitted by 1 February.
    Applications for a semester abroad in summer have to be submitted by 1 September.
    Attention: These periods of application are related to the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences and do not coincide with the official deadlines.

    Application requirements

    • Bachelor: at least two completed semesters (about 60 ECTS credits) on departure
    • Master: at least one completed semester on departure
    • Diploma: at least completed undergraduate degree
    • Basic knowledge in the country language of the country you have chosen for your stay

    Application documents

    • CV, photo, current postal address, telephone number, date of birth as well as an e-mail address
    • Overview of previous studies and examinations (QISPOS printout)
    • Study subject
    • Proof of language skills (The partner universities demand different language requirements. Please consinder this on time to be able to bring the language proof with your application. Laguage requirements
    • Letter of Motivation (max 2 pages):
      • Where do I want to go (country, city, university)? Please specify up to three wishes.
      • How does the stay abroad fit into my previous studies?
      • What are the objectives for the stay abroad?

    Please do not submit any originals, only copies!

    Please send the application documents to the sporterasmus@uni-muenster.de.


    Conditions for the admission to study a semester abroad via the ERASMUS program:

    1. If a student is not able to follow a conversation in the local language, he / she will not be enrolled at the partner university. Therefore, a language proof must be submitted with the application.
    2. Every student should enroll in courses to acquire at least 15 ECTS credits (for our students an average of 60 ECTS per year is common).
    3. It is compulsory to take the appropriate examinations to acquire the ECTS credits.
    4. No participation certificates and no residence permits will be issued.
    5. If the student does not pass the examinations for the ECTS, the partner university will not sign a document certifying the stay and the success of the study.
    6. Before you begin your semester abroad, please contact the Service-Center Sport to discuss the crediting of your studies abroad.

    Further information can be found on the WWU pages of the ERASMUS exchange program.


    PROMOS is a mobility program that is part of the German Academic Exchange Association (DAAD). It supports German students staying abroad (worldwide) for up to 6 months. Support may be granted for studies, short time stays for theses and research modules at universities and other scientific institutions (1 to 6 months), internships (6 weeks to 5 months), language courses (3 weeks to 6 months), specific courses (5 days to 6 weeks) and study trips.
    PROMOS support for doctoral students is not possible, except of language courses, specific courses and study trips. Applications for short time and annual scholarships for doctoral students as well as annual scholarships for students can be directed directly to DAAD.

  • Experience Report

    All students who go abroad are asked to sent an informal interim report via mail. As soon as the students get back to Münster, they are asked to write a detailed experience report. To get more information about the reports, please visit our german website.

  • Financing

    funding opportunities