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Start-up Predimo wins Münsterland Innovation Award

At this year’s Münsterland Innovation Award Ceremony, Predimo GmbH was named winner in the category Start-up. During a festive ceremony for around 300 guests, Predimo’s CEO Dirk Bendig and CTO Prof. Heiko Wagner received the award from Frank Knura, board representative of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost. 
Predimo, a start up founded on the work at the Department of Movement Science and supported by the WWU, has won the award for “ComputerMyoGrafie”, a process that analyses loads in joints during movement and which brings a new level of analysis to sports, ergonomics, and medicine. 

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INTEGRA_LAB: First meeting in presence in Madrid

From 3rd to 5th of April, team members of the Active Ageing Labs (Apartments of Movement Science) met transnational Partners from France, Poland, Spain and Italy in Madrid, to push forward the Erasmus+ project Integralab+. Integralab+ encourages the emotional self-care of elderly adults through their acquisition of digital skills and creativity (directed by Michael Brach). In this project, the WWU team will focus on creating a target-group adapted video library to foster physical activity.

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Topic for a master thesis

You don't have a topic for your master thesis yet? Don't panic! The Department of Movement Science is looking for students who want to work on an exciting topic for their master thesis. Further information can be found here.