Currently running projects

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AgeWell Europe: Physical activity and health interventions for older adults and fitness professionals

Working with partners from all over Europe, the Erasmus+ project AgeWell Europe is developing a multimodal physical activity and health intervention for adults over 40 years as well as an online education program to enable and support fitness professionals to work with adults in the third age. It focuses on analysing their needs and requirements, thus eliminating present barriers and facilitating access to on-demand physical activity programs.

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PA4AGE: Promotion of physical activity for the third age

In the Erasmus+ project PA4Age, the project partners are developing training, educational content and an e-learning platform. The aim is to promote physical activity as an important concept of active aging and to change the mindset of older people by improving their quality of life in all aspects through participation in physical activity.

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INTEGRA_LAB+: Empowering Elderly Adults in Emotional Selfcare and Through the Acquisition of Digital Skills and Creativity

The Erasmus + project INTEGRA_LAB+ aims to generate necessary training and tools for seniors to emotionally recover from a situation they have experienced and establish a base for inclusive accessibility to new technologies. It is focused on empowering elderly adults in emotional self-care through the acquisition of digital skills and creativity.

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COST Action PhysAgeNet CA20104: “Network on Evidence-Based Physical Activity in Old Age”

PHYSAGENET is a COST Action project and works on a network of evidence-based physical activity in old age. The objective is to establish a sustainable network, that will foster evidence-based research and inclusion of physical activity in older adults, and will enhance integration of innovative ICT solutions, based on open data consolidated research information, in order to promote health and reduce the burden of inactivity in ageing populations.