ACTIMENTIA: eLearning and blended learning on exercise and physical activity in dementia care

Coursework credits for Bachelor and Master students

We are looking for bachelor and master students, who want to participate in a real world project. While scientific methods will be used, the focus is on education and training. You will develop and validate content, training and blended learning material. Affinity with people in advanced age is beneficial.

Background and aim

Older adults suffering from mild cognitive impairment or dementia often are at risk or are already socially excluded. This is due to embarrassment and to real physical and mental barriers. Exercise and physical activity can be utilised in two ways. First directly, because exercise, dance and other activities can be done together, as couple, in a group, in the public. They yield fun and a positive and healthy attitude.
Secondly, the effects of training support independence and health for patients and caregivers. In this project we concept and validate an e-learning platform with online and offline courses to reach formal and informal caregivers and the persons in need or at risk of care.

Your assignment

Assignments are possible during all phases of the project:

  • Knowledge update, including a systematic review, case studies and focus groups with stakeholders in the target groups and their environments.
  • Development phase for exercise and activity content including dance. 

  • Teaching and learning methodologies including blended learning, e-learning, and 
serious games. 

  •  Piloting, validation and revision of all parts separately and combined, including reaching the target groups. 

  •  Sustainability actions including dissemination and exploitation, financing and organisation, during and after the project.

Assignments may be configured to match the following coursework credits: 

BSc M12: Research Project, 5 CP

BSc M15 Bachelor thesis (11 weeks, max 50 pages)

Msc M06 Participating in Paper Writing, 7 CP
Msc M06 Research Project, 5 CP

Msc M08 Master thesis (max 80 pages) with disputation, 24 CP
BA M10 Freies Studienprojekt (2 LP)

BA Bachelorarbeit, 10LP (8 Wochen)

Med Masterarbeit, 18 LP (4 Monate)

What else do you need to know?

You will be working in the department of Movement Science located at Horstmarer Landweg 50 in Münster. Starting dates will be individually agreed during the whole project lifecycle.


Michael Brach