180202 Badewannecaro
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A mobile bath tub to reduce postural load for nurses while bathing patients.

As a part of a bachelor-thesis, the bathing procedure in two different bathtubs has been investigated. The mobile bathtub "Caro" has been developed by Mr. Becker, a former employee at the Institute of Sports Science. The bathtub "Caro" is used for the bathing process of physically handicapped persons. The goal of the study is to elaborate on the differences between the usage of the two different bathtubs, concerning the bathing of a patient and related thereto the lumbar movements of the bathing person. It is hypothesized that the overall lumbar movement of the person who baths the patient decreases when using the bathtub "Caro", leading to a less severe cumulative lumbar loading throughout the task. Measurements have been completed by Dr. Christiane Bohn and Filipp Gamer and we are looking forward to the results.