University of Münster funding

SAIL Programme

Numerous funding organisations not only specifically fund international research, but also increasingly expect international scientific profiles from their grantees. The SAIL Programme offers various workshops and impulses over three days on how early career researchers can strategically develop and expand this profile.

This is a temporary measure within the University of Münster's internationalisation strategy.

Registration and further information can be found on the SAIL Website.

SAIL Mobility Fund

Doctoral students and postdocs up to three years after their doctorate who have little or no access to funding can apply for travel grants for laboratory and/or research visits as well as active conference and summer school participation abroad.

Complete applications must be submitted at least four weeks before travelling.

This is a temporary measure within the University of Münster's internationalisation strategy.

Further information and application documents can be found on the SAIL website.

Santander Mobility Fund

Students can apply for funding to finance research visits and conference participation in Germany and abroad.
Applications can be submitted at any time.

The Santander Mobility Fund is financed by “Santander Universities”.

More information on the Santander Mobility Fund.

Student Research Projects

The Rectorate-funded programme "Student Research Projects" offers funding to students at the University of Münster to conduct their (first) research projects during their studies. It is important that projects are clearly distinguishable from one’s doctoral, professional or academic pursuits.
Project proposals can be submitted at any time.
More information on the Student Research Projects programme.

Topical Programs

The funding programme of the University of Münster welcomes project applications all year round. In addition to workshops, a wide range of other formats and concepts are eligible for funding.

For more information, visit our webpage Topical Programs [de].

Twente Collaboration Grants

The executive boards of the Universities of Twente and Münster jointly award strategic collaboration grants to researchers at both universities to promote research partnerships.

Learn more about the Strategic Collaboration Grants.