Project Area C

Modes of Decision-Making

Within the Project Area C, the focus was placed on diverse practices of decision-making with respect to their communicative and social logics. The seven sub-projects took different modes of decision-making (we differentiate between negotiation, decision qua authority, externalization and formalized procedures) as well in the view as the ways in which these could be intertwined. It also seeked to clarify to what extent and why modes and social logics of decision-making changed in the long run, particularly which role processes of formalization played therefore, and why certain forms of decision-making have proved remarkably stable.

C01 Medieval Rabbinic Responsa as a Practice of Religious Decision-Making Grundmann
C02 The function of the Supernatural in the Process of Imperial Decision-Making in Byzantium (6th to 12th centuries) Grünbart
C03 Decision-Making by Drawing Lots in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity Stollberg-Rilinger/ Wagner
C04 Decision-making in Early Modern Court Proceedings: A German-English Comparison, 16th to 19th centuries Krischer/ Oestmann
C05 Prussian Civil Servant Bureaucracy and Local Self-Government: Village Decision-Making in the Prussian Province of Westphalia in the 19th and early 20th centuries Freitag
C06 Political Decision-Making in the Federal Republic of Germany Großbölting
C07 Political Decision-Making in Socialist Czechoslovakia Mühle