Research Training Group

The SFB 1150 includes a Research Training Group (IGK), which provides the framework for a structured graduation. Within the SFB 1150 it fulfils three complementary functions and offers to junior researchers of the sub-projects who are still completing their doctorates: (1) a structured programme of study focused on the joint research aims; (2) synergies of content and methodology between the individual dissertation projects; and (3) a voice for junior researchers in the Collaborative Research Centre.

Under the premises of the SFB 1150, access to “cultures of decision-making” proves highly contingent in several respects. It requires conceptual and methodological tools that have been carefully reflected on, it bridges the gaps between epochs and disciplines, and it provokes a critical reflection on established research paradigms. The IGK presents a forum for discussing and developing the conceptual framework of the SFB in a collaborative way. It serves to reinforce the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and at the same time to strengthen the diversity of perspectives in and the capacity for linkages between the respective doctoral projects. It enables the graduate students in this way to enhance their qualifications and profiles in an interdisciplinary context as well as based on their respective disciplinary traditions. The involvement of visiting scholars as well as the awarding of up to four short-term scholarships each year also fosters the national and international networking of the doctoral candidates.

Doctoral candidates of the Research Training Group: