Project Area A

Narratives and Reflexions of Decision-Making

At the centre of Project Area A were public reflections and cultural narratives of decision-making. All of the six subprojects in Project Area A studied how decision-making in medieval and modern societies was understood conceptually-semantically and constructed narratively, on literary, philosophical-scientific as well as political-media levels. These subprojects also investigated how certain decision problems were publicly reflected on. That encompassed a self-reflective perspective, specifically posing the question of in which philosophical-theoretical traditions the conceptual basis of the research centre is to be situated.

A01 Poetics of Decision-Making in German Narrative Literature of the Middle Ages Quast
A02 Contingentia and Disputatio. Decision-Making in Scholastic Theory of the Western European Middle Ages Kintzinger
A03 Grammars of Decision-Making: The Philosophic-Action-Theoretical Perspective Quante
A04 Hercules at the Crossroads? Scenarios of Decision-Making in the Autobiographical Construction of Life Courses Wagner-Egelhaaf
A05 Between Privacy and the Public Debate: Decisions on Reproduction in Germany and the US in the Second Half of the 20th Century Heinemann
A06 Social Practices and Media Narratives of Matrimonial Decision-Making in India Basu