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Extracurricular Studies

Extracurricular Studies

Some courses of the institute can be taken as extracurricular studies. We recommend this, e.g., for the 2-hour lecture courses within the scope of the module LES. If you would like to attend further courses, please clarify this in advance with the institute's academic adviser.

Basic guidelines:

  • You register with the lecturer at the beginning of the first session and submit the completed cooperation form (Kooperationsbescheinigung) for signature. Please note that your placement in the course is subordinate to the other students who are already enrolled as majors in the respective field of studies. For this reason, placement in the course can only be granted after the normal enrollment phase has been completed. You must thus take part in the so-called Nachrückverfahren of the department.
  • After you have completed the course and any possible coursework required for study credits, you will receive a certificate from the instructor (please pick this up in person at the Scheinausgabe)
  • The cooperation agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung) and the participation certificate for the course you attended should be presented to your study advisor in the Bildungswissenschaften, who will issue you a certificate of recognition. This must then present to the Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt I) in order for it to be noted in your records. You should do this in a timely manner after enrolling in the Master's, so that you can register for further lectures or examinations within the module.

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