Written Exams

Examinations will be offered, as a general rule, within the framework of the specific course (lecture or seminar). A prior, timely online registration via QISPOS is compulsory. As a rule, a central re-take or make-up test is offered at the end of the semester following the lecture period. However, only those students who were registered on time for the first examination deadline in QISPOS within that same semester, and who subsequently cancelled their examinations via the examination office or those persons who did not pass the first exam may re-take a test. Re-registration is required for the make-up test. Please take note of the information under News.

Details on the content and the format of the examination assignments can be found in the related courses. Test results following the exams will be posted in QISPOS.

Oral exams

Within the scope of the module LES-FA in the Master of Education Programme (G, HRSGe and GymGes), the final examination is offered in the form of an oral exam. The examination covers all the contents and competencies of the module and is administered as a rule by one of the lecturers. You must register for the exam at the Examinations Office at least two weeks before the individual examination date. This is done by completing a registration  form, which should be filled-in and signed after a consultation with your examiner, whereby the examination deadline and the co-examiner are specified for the record. Further information can be obtained from your course instructor.

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