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TEXTPRAXIS is seeking articles for its twelfth issue. If you wish to contribute, please submit your article by January 15th, 2016.

TEXTPRAXIS publishes articles in literary and cultural studies within the following areas: “Literature and Society,” “Theories of Literary Study,” and “Literary Studies and Praxis.” Articles from any philological discipline are welcome.

All articles published by TEXTPRAXIS are open access and reviewed.

In the spirit of open-access, all articles published in TEXTPRAXIS are accessible online without any cost to readers or authors. Given this emphasis on broad accessibility it is all the more important that TEXTPRAXIS meet the academic standards of other fee-based refereed journals. In addition, all articles are permanently searchable, can be viewed as often as you like without limitation, and are available for download as PDFs. For authors, the practice of open-access means increasing the reach of your research and sharing findings with a worldwide audience.
The section “Literary Studies and Praxis” also invites contributions from literary authors, journalists, publishers and others involved in the making of cultural products connected to the professional literary world.
We strongly encourage commentaries or responses to articles previously published in TEXTPRAXIS. Responses (Repliken) are brief position papers that perhaps directly address issues found in earlier articles, or expand upon related topics, or continue already ongoing discussions. We specifically invite response submissions that present ideas from your current
research projects that relate to broader academic debates.
Contributions for the next issue should be submitted via our website by January 15th, 2016.

More information can be found at or you can contact the editors directly

Issue # 12 will be published online on May 1st, 2016.

TEXTPRAXIS is an online publication of the Graduate School ‘Practices of Literature’ at the WWU, Münster. The members of the editorial board are Matthias Agethen, Constanze Bartsch,Ina Batzke, Seth Berk, Nikolas Buck, Dominic Büker, Katharina Fürholzer, Nina Gawe, Lena Hoffmann, Irene Husser, Ana Ilic, Julia Langhof, Janneke Schoene, Martin Stobbe, Ismahan Wayah, Kerstin Wilhelms.

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