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ZIN repeatedly represented at the SCORAI International Conference 2020

ZIN staff members Tobias Gumbert and Carolin Bohn and ZIN spokesperson Prof'in Doris Fuchs will present two contributions in the panel "Community Collective Action" at the SCORAI International Conference 2020, this year's international conference of the "Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative", which will be held online from June 10 to 12, 2020.

In his lecture "Sustainable Consumption and the Politics of Sight" Tobias Gumbert critically examines the use of images in campaigns against the pollution of the oceans by plastic waste. He argues that the messages conveyed by these images often fail to recognize the complexity of the problem and do not adequately address proposed solutions. Instead, he advocates communication strategies based on storytelling.

Carolin Bohn will give a lecture developed together with Prof'in Doris Fuch entitled "Participation - Key to transformational change? A critical reflection using the example of bioeconomic processes in the circular economy", which was developed in the context of the research project BIOCIVIS. In this lecture, the two political scientists explain why, in their view, participation processes on questions of the bio-economy should put citizens with different forms of knowledge and values into an equal dialogue with stakeholders and why they believe that such processes do not necessarily lead to consensus.

Further information on the conference can be found here, further information on the "Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative" here.