With the access to NWZ each user also receives a special home directory in the StorageCloud of the IVV Natural Sciences. This includes at least 10 GB storage space ("DiskQuota") and is mirrored fail-safe over several locations and additionally backed up regularly.

So that you are informed before the storage space runs out, you will receive an email notification of the Disk Quota service "nwzquota" at 85%, 95% and 100% occupancy of your home directory. A sample message can be found here.

Memory Expansion

If you need more storage space, you will find information here on how you can have your home directory expanded free of charge or for a fee.

Memory Locations under the Various Operating Systems

Depending on the operating system, you will find the home directory in the following places:

  • Windows
    • Drive I: if it is a NWZ computer
    • otherwise under the network path \\NWZ.wwu.de\Dfs\Home\<A>\<Account>
  • Unix
    • \home\<A>\<Account>, if it is a NWZ computer
    • otherwise under the network path smb://NWZ.wwu.de/Dfs/Home/<A>/<Account>
  • Mac
    • Your user directory corresponds to the home directory if it is a NWZ computer.
    • otherwise under the network path smb://NWZ.wwu.de/Dfs/Home/<A>/<Account>

A> always stands for the first letter of your user ID, e.g. "A" and

<Account> for your user ID, e.g. "a_must01".

How to access your drive outside of NWZ can be found under NWZ@Home.

Restoring of Files

If you have accidentally deleted files or made other unwanted changes to them that you want to undo, you have two options to revert to previous versions:

  1. If you have noticed the loss promptly, you can restore an earlier version yourself. The versions that changed on weekdays at 7 and 12 o'clock are backed up. For more information, click here.
  2. If the file no longer exists in the above-mentioned backup, you can contact the hotline. Please enter the exact storage location and name of the file(s), as well as the date and time at which you want the file(s) to be restored. Please note that this backup is only performed once a day at night. Files created on the same day are therefore not included in the backup.