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Totally disconnected locally compact groups: local to global

9-13 October 2023, Münster, Germany

This workshop studies the relationship between local, or small-scale, and global, or large-scale, properties of t.d.l.c. groups, which is more subtle than for Lie groups. Small-scale structure, which manifests both in the topological group structure and the objects on which the groups act, interacts with large-scale properties such as simplicity, amenability and quasi-isometry type.

Confirmed speakers

Benjamin Klopsch* (Düsseldorf)
Waltraud Lederle (Louvain)
Rögnvaldur Möller (Iceland)
André Nies (Auckland)
Sven Raum (Potsdam)
Colin Reid (Newcastle)
Christian Rosendal* (UI Chicago)
Rachel Skipper* (Utah)
Yuhei Suzuki (Sapporo)
Katrin Tent (Münster)
Stephan Tornier (Newcastle)
Todor Tsankov* (Lyon)
Stefaan Vaes (Leuven)
Matteo Vannacci (Bilbao)
Thomas Weigel (Milan)
George Willis (Newcastle)
*To be confirmed


Simon André (Münster)
Michal Ferov (Newcastle)
Alejandra Garrido (Madrid)
Shirly Geffen (Münster)
David Kerr (Münster)
Colin Reid (Newcastle)
Katrin Tent (Münster)
Stephan Tornier (Newcastle)
George Willis (Newcastle)




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Support and child care

Child care is available free of charge for all participants of the workshop.

Venue and Travel Information

The conference takes place in room SRZ 217 on the second floor of the seminar building located at

Orléans-Ring 12
48149 Münster

Information about accommodation can be found on the registration page.

Directions can be found on openstreetmap or on the Campus map of the University of Münster.

Detailed travel information can be found on the MM websites.

Download: Information for conference guests / Informationsblatt für Tagungsteilnehmer*innen [enIde]


Once available, you are welcome to download the poster and display it at your institution.


The conference is supported by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster.