Structural objectives of Mathematics Münster

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Intensify the interplay between mathematical disciplines. We consider mathematics as a whole and thus aim to strengthen the interplay between mathematical disciplines as a motor for mathematical innovation. In contrast to national and international trends of specialisation in mathematical research and education, we want to develop Mathematics Münster as a blueprint for intrarelated mathematical research and education.

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Attract and support excellent early career researchers. In line with our tradition, we aim to further develop high-level master's, PhD and postgraduate programmes that attract and educate the very best students in mathematics. We aim to implement a stimulating research environment with active career development and guidance to foster early scientific independence and promote both excellent mathematical research and fruitful academic careers.

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Equal opportunity. Our goal is to significantly increase gender equality on all levels, from PhD students to full professors, and to improve the balance of family and career. We aim at advancing women's careers. Recent support measures for PhD students and early career professors will be enhanced. Ideally, this will result in more outstanding female mathematicians holding tenured professorships.