Software: STATISTICA is a data analysis software from the company StatSoft. The WWU IT provides the Ultimate Academic Bundle, which can be used free of charge via a network license. STATISTICA can only be used under Windows.

Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Download: Download Section

Contact: Hotline

  • License information

    License types
    The licenses are rented including updates and support. There are 25 network licenses available for free use by the users. Network licenses enable the online use of Satistica. A computer on which such a license is to be used must therefore belong to the WWU area (possible for home workstations via VPN) and be permanently connected to the Internet while working with the program. The licenses are monitored by a license manager.

    License period
    WWU's current Statistica contract runs from Dec. 1 of each year through Nov. 30 of the following year. The validity of the licenses is limited to one year each (01.12. - 30.11.). After reviewing the need, the contract with StatSoft will be renewed for another year.

    Software version and Costs
    Statistica is currently available in version 13.3. Funding for the licenses for StatSoft's products is provided by central funds. The use of the network licenses is therefore free of charge for the users.

  • Download, Installation & License Activation

    Download & Installation
    In the download area you will find the installation file. Download Area

    The downloadbale installation file for Statistica is called "Statistica13". A German and an English version of the software are available. The Windows ZIP file must first be unpacked after downloading. The subdirectory "Workstation Installer 64" contains the setup.exe file, which can be used to start the installation process.

    License Activation
    It is not necessary to enter a serial number or a license server. The product can be used directly within the university or from hom via VPN.