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PC Workstation for Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Service: A specially equipped PC workstation is available to blind or visually impaired students at our location at Einsteinstraße 60 in room 112. In addition to the usual hardware and software (Windows, Office, CD/DVD drive, b/w laser printer), the equipment also includes:

  • 80-shape Braille display for tactile reading of the screen
  • Printout in Braille (both sides)
  • Voice output of the screen content with Jaws
  • Enlarged text display on the screen with Zoomtext
  • Active speakers and headphones for voice output
  • Text and image scanner with automatic feed for 50 sheets

A one-time briefing is required for the use of the workstation. For this, please send an appointment request via e-mail.

Target Group: students

Usage Costs: free of charge

Service Hours: By arrangement. Please write us an email in time to the contact address below.

Contact: blindenarbeitsplatz@uni-muenster.de