The GI-Forum takes place every Tuesday from 12 to 2 pm during semester in room 242 at the Institute for Geoinformatics (Heisenbergstraße 2, 48151 Münster). The Forum is open to the public and all interested are welcome to attend.

These open sessions present an opportunity to discuss a variety topics across GI Science, generally in the form of presentations of around 45 minutes followed by 15-30 minutes for questions and general discussion, before closing with light refreshments.

Speakers are drawn from a range of academic disciplines, as well as from industry and policy areas, and present results of ongoing research and/or practical outcomes.

GI-Forum Winter 17/18

Date Topic Presenter Affiliation
10.10.2017 Institute Meeting
17.10.2017 Remote Sensing in Conflict Analysis and Human Rights Fact-Finding Christian Knoth Institute for Geoinformatics, WWU Münster
24.10.2017 Modelling the world with PCRaster Oliver Schmitz Utrecht University
31.10.2017 Reformation day (no GI Forum)
07.11.2017 Measuring and Modelling Spatial Cognition in the City Ed Manley CASA, University College London
14.11.2017 Geo-Information for analysing and governing cities Karin Pfeffer ITC Twente
21.11.2017 Sensitivity analysis and verification of Agent Based Models Arend Ligtenberg Wageningen University
28.11.2017 Institute Meeting
05.12.2017 A Primer on Structure and Laws in GIScience Franz-Benjamin Mocnik Heidelberg University
12.12.2017 A model-based assessment of the environmental impact of land-use change in Southern Amazonia Rüdiger Schaldach Kassel University
19.12.2017 How Interactive Maps Work Robert Roth University of Wisonsin - Madison / University of Twente
09.01.2018 Open Source business in practice: Earth observation and more Markus Neteler
16.01.2018 Agent-based modelling of individuals’ activities in space and time: approaches for large-scale simulation Theo Arentze Eindhoven University of Technology
23.01.2018 Modelling and Mapping Earth Surface Processes using Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques Alexander Brenning Friedrich Schiller University Jena
30.01.2018 Institute Meeting