Prof. Dr. Edzer Pebesma

Director of the Institute for Geoinformatics, leader of the spatio-temporal modelling lab

Phone:+49 251 83-33081
About:I lead the spatio-temporal modelling laboratory at the institute for geoinformatics, and am currently head of institute. I hold a PhD in geosciences, and am interested in spatial statistics, environmental modelling, geoinformatics and GI Science, semantic technology for spatial analysis, optimizing environmental monitoring, but also in e-Science and reproducible research. I am an ordinary member of the R foundation. I am one of the authors of Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R (second edition), was Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Statistical Software (2015-2021) and former associate editor of Spatial Statistics (stepped down because lack of progress in Project DEAL). I believe that research is useful in particular when it helps solving real-world problems.

Office hours: on appointment.

Link to our Symposium: Statistical approaches for analyzing Remote Sensing imagery (Jul 23, 2021)

The publications listed below are those found in Scopus. A more complete list may be found here, on google scholar, orcid: