Mission statement of the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi), University of Münster

The mission of the Institute for Geoinformatics is …

  1. to conduct high-quality research in Geoinformatics and communicate it effectively to academia and society,
  2. to develop innovative methods, algorithms, tools and technologies for observing, analysing, modelling and understanding spatiotemporal phenomena and processes,
  3. to provide highly motivated and proactive students with first-class qualifications in order to spark curiosity and enthusiasm to tackle environmental and societal problems,
  4. to foster, implement and teach open science,
  5. to empower all parts of society to solve key spatiotemporal problems at local, regional and global levels,
  6. to maintain and develop a tolerant, cooperative and excellent working environment to inspire its diverse and multicultural staff members and students so that they can realise their full potential,
  7. to actively engage in cooperation with international, national and local partners from various disciplines and different parts of society,
  8. to contribute towards understanding, implementing and assessing sustainability at local, national and global scale.