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Our English training programme enables employees to expand and hone their English language skills based on their individual tasks and language levels. You can find more details about our English language programme here.

The basic module “Office communication” provides a good foundation for non-academic staff. It is divided into three submodules: Telephoning, Emails and letters, and Small talk and conversation. The submodules form an integrated unit which comprises training in both oral and writing language competence in a professional context. Therefore, we recommend signing up for all three submodules, each of which can be completed separately and in random order. The intensive compact course “Office communication” bundles all three submodules into three successive all-day workshops.

In addition to the basic module “Office communication”, we offer English courses on specific topics for smaller target groups. From “The student lifecycle” dealing with all matters of student advising to “Kickstarter English” for those who wish to learn (or refresh) basic English skills, you will find a wide range of courses below.

If you need advice or have any questions regarding specific courses, individual and departmental training measures, feel free to contact englisch.sprachsupport@uni-muenster.de.

Course overview