Research Interests

Research Interests

$\bullet$ Geometry
$\bullet$ Lie groups and locally compact groups
$\bullet$ Geometric group theory
$\bullet$ Nonpositive curvature

Selected Publications

Hofmann KH, Kramer L. Transitive actions of locally compact groups on locally contractible spaces. J. Reine Angew. Math., Vol. 702, 2015, pp 227-243 online
Kramer L. The topology of a semisimple Lie group is essentially unique. Adv. Math., Vol. 228 (5), 2011, pp 2623-2633 online
Kramer L, Lytchak A. Homogeneous compact geometries. Transform. Groups, Vol. 19 (3), 2014, pp 793-852 online
Kramer L. Two-transitive Lie groups. J. Reine Angew. Math., Vol. 563, 2003
Grundhöfer T, Kramer L, Van Maldeghem H, Weiss RM. Compact totally disconnected Moufang buildings. Tohoku Math. J. (2), Vol. 64 (3), 2012, pp 333-360 online
Kramer L, Weiss RM. Coarse equivalences of Euclidean buildings. Adv. Math., Vol. 253, 2014, pp 1-49 online
Kramer L, Stolz S. A diffeomorphism classification of manifolds which are like projective planes. J. Differential Geom., Vol. 77 (2), 2007
Kramer L. Projective planes and their look-alikes. J. Differential Geom., Vol. 64 (1), 2003

Current Publications

$\bullet $ Linus Kramer. A note on commutators in compact semisimple Lie algebras. arXiv e-prints, April 2022. arXiv:2204.09913.

$\bullet $ Christopher Deninger, Theo Grundhöfer, and Linus Kramer. Weyl tensors, strongly regular graphs, multiplicative characters, and a quadratic matrix equation. arXiv e-prints, April 2022. arXiv:2204.02706.

$\bullet $ Linus Kramer. Some remarks on proper actions, proper metric spaces, and buildings. arXiv e-prints, September 2021. arXiv:2109.12837.

$\bullet $ Karl Heinrich Hofmann and Linus Kramer. On weakly complete group algebras of compact groups. J. Lie Theory, 30(2):407–424, June 2020.

$\bullet $ O. Braun, Karl H. Hofmann, and L. Kramer. Automatic continuity of abstract homomorphisms between locally compact and polish groups. Transform. Groups, 25(1):1–32, March 2020. doi:10.1007/s00031-019-09537-4.

$\bullet $ Linus Kramer and Olga Varghese. Abstract homomorphisms from locally compact groups to discrete groups. Journal of Algebra, 538:127–139, November 2019. doi:10.1016/j.jalgebra.2019.07.026.

$\bullet $ Karl Heinrich Hofmann and Linus Kramer. Group algebras of compact groups. arXiv e-prints, September 2019. arXiv:1904.00806.

$\bullet $ Wolfgang Herfort, Karl H. Hofmann, Linus Kramer, and Francesco G. Russo. The Sylow structure of scalar automorphism groups. Topology and its Applications, 263:26–43, August 2019. doi:10.1016/j.topol.2019.05.027.

$\bullet $ Linus Kramer and Alexander Lytchak. Erratum to: “Homogeneous compact geometries”. Transformation Groups, 24(2):589–596, April 2019. doi:10.1007/s00031-019-09524-9.