Current Cluster Publications

Current Cluster Publications of Prof. Dr. Giles Gardam

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam. Non-trivial units of complex group rings. arXiv e-prints, December 2023. arXiv:2312.05240.

$\bullet $ Murray Elder, Giles Gardam, Adam Piggott, Davide Spriano, and Kane Townsend. Graphs and groups with unique geodesics. arXiv e-prints, November 2023. arXiv:2311.03730.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam, Dawid Kielak, and Alan D. Logan. The surface group conjectures for groups with two generators. Mathematical Research Letters, 30(1):109–123, January 2023. doi:10.4310/MRL.2023.v30.n1.a5.

$\bullet $ Beeker Benjamin, Matthew Cordes, Giles Gardam, Radhika Gupta, and Emily Stark. Cannon-Thurston maps for CAT(0) groups with isolated flats. Math. Ann., 384(1-2):963–987, October 2022. doi:10.1007/s00208-021-02245-z.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam, Dawid Kielak, and Alan D. Logan. Algebraically hyperbolic groups. arXiv e-prints, December 2021. arXiv:2112.01331.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam. A counterexample to the unit conjecture for group rings. Annals of Mathematics, 194(3):967–979, November 2021. doi:10.4007/annals.2021.194.3.9.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam. Profinite rigidity in the SnapPea census. Exp. Math., 30(4):489–498, October 2021. doi:10.1080/10586458.2019.1577766.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam, Dawid Kielak, and Alan D. Logan. Jsj decompositions and polytopes for two-generator one-relator groups. arXiv e-prints, January 2021. arXiv:2101.02193.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam. Detecting laws in power subgroups. Comm. Algebra, 47(4):1699–1707, February 2019. doi:10.1080/00927872.2018.1513019.

$\bullet $ Giles Gardam and Daniel J. Woodhouse. The geometry of one-relator groups satisfying a polynomial isoperimetric inequality. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 147(1):125–129, January 2019. doi:10.1090/proc/14238.