Current Cluster Publications

Current Cluster Publications of JProf. Dr. Farmer Schlutzenberg

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Mouse scales. arXiv e-prints, October 2023. arXiv:2310.19764.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg and John Steel. $\Sigma _1$ gaps as derived models and correctness of mice. arXiv e-prints, July 2023. arXiv:2307.08856.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. The initial segment condition for $\kappa ^+$-supercompactness. arXiv e-prints, June 2023. arXiv:2306.13827.

$\bullet $ Gabriel Goldberg and Farmer Schlutzenberg. Periodicity in the cumulative hierarchy. Journal of the European Mathematical Society, March 2023. doi:10.4171/jems/1318.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. The definability of $\mathbb E$ in self-iterable mice. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 174(2):Paper No. 103208, 59, February 2023. doi:10.1016/j.apal.2022.103208.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Varsovian models ω. arXiv e-prints, December 2022. arXiv:2212.14878.

$\bullet $ Jan Kruschewski and Farmer Schlutzenberg. On a conjecture about the mouse order for weasels. arXiv e-prints, July 2022. arXiv:2207.06136.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Choice principles in local mantles. Math. Log. Q., 68(3):264–278, May 2022. doi:10.1002/malq.202000089.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Reinhardt cardinals and iterates of V. Ann. Pure Appl. Log., 173(2):103056, February 2022. doi:10.1016/j.apal.2021.103056.

$\bullet $ Grigor Sargsyan, Ralf Schindler, and Farmer Schlutzenberg. Varsovian models II. arXiv e-prints, October 2021. arXiv:2110.12051.

$\bullet $ Monroe Eskew, Sy-David Friedman, Yair Hayut, and Farmer Schlutzenberg. Mutually embeddable models of ZFC. arXiv e-prints, August 2021. arXiv:2108.12355.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Iterability for (transfinite) stacks. Journal of Mathematical Logic, 21(02):2150008, April 2021. doi:10.1142/S0219061321500082.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Local mantles of $L[x]$. arXiv e-prints, March 2021. arXiv:2103.12925.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Full normalization for transfinite stacks. arXiv e-prints, February 2021. arXiv:2102.03359.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Background construction for λ-indexed mice. arXiv e-prints, January 2021. arXiv:2101.00889.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Ordinal definability in $L[\mathbb E]$. arXiv e-prints, December 2020. arXiv:2012.07185.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. A premouse inheriting strong cardinals from V. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 171(9):102826, October 2020. doi:10.1016/j.apal.2020.102826.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Extenders under ZF and constructibility of rank-into-rank embeddings. arXiv e-prints, June 2020. arXiv:2006.10574.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. On the consistency of ZF with an elementary embedding from $V_\lambda +2$ into $V_\lambda +2$. arXiv e-prints, June 2020. arXiv:2006.01077.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. A weak reflection of Reinhardt by super Reinhardt cardinals. arXiv e-prints, May 2020. arXiv:2005.11111.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. Reinhardt cardinals and iterates of $v$. arXiv e-prints, February 2020. arXiv:2002.01215.

$\bullet $ Farmer Schlutzenberg. The definability of the extender sequence $\mathbb E$ from $\mathbb E \upharpoonright \aleph _1$ in $L[\mathbb E]$. arXiv e-prints, June 2019. arXiv:1906.00276v1.