Projects in Mathematics Muenster

Research area C: Models and Approximations
Unit C4: Geometry-based modelling, approximation, and reduction

Further Projects
Mathematical Research Data Initiative Driven by the needs and requirements of mathematical research as well as scientific disciplines using mathematics, the NFDI-consortium MaRDI (Mathematical Research Data Initiative) will develop and establish standards and services for mathematical research data. Mathematical research data ranges from databases of special functions and mathematical objects, aspects of scientific computing such as models and algorithms to statistical analysis of data with uncertainties. It is also widely used in other scientific disciplines due to the cross-disciplinary nature of mathematical methods. online

Current Publications

$\bullet $ Hendrik Kleikamp, Mario Ohlberger, and Stephan Rave. Nonlinear model order reduction using diffeomorphic transformations of a space-time domain. arXiv e-prints, March 2022. arXiv:2203.05833.

$\bullet $ Tim Keil and Stephan Rave. An online efficient two-scale reduced basis approach for the Localized Orthogonal Decomposition. arXiv e-prints, November 2021. arXiv:2111.08643.

$\bullet $ Manuel Landstorfer, Mario Ohlberger, Stephan Rave, and Marie Tacke. A modeling framework for efficient reduced order simulations of parametrized lithium-ion battery cells. arXiv e-prints, October 2021. arXiv:2110.06011.

$\bullet $ J. Fehr, C. Himpe, S. Rave, and J. Saak. Sustainable research software hand-over. Journal of Open Research Software, April 2021. doi:10.5334/jors.307.

$\bullet $ Martin J. Gander and Stephan Rave. Localized reduced basis additive Schwarz methods. arXiv e-prints, March 2021. arXiv:2103.10884.

$\bullet $ Andreas Buhr, Laura Iapichino, Mario Ohlberger, Stephan Rave, Felix Schindler, and Kathrin Smetana. Localized model reduction for parameterized problems. In Model order reduction. Volume 2: Snapshot-based methods and algorithms, pages 245–305. January 2021. doi:10.1515/9783110671490-006.

$\bullet $ Stephan Rave and Jens Saak. A non-stationary thermal-block benchmark model for parametric model order reduction. In Model reduction of complex dynamical systems, volume 171 of Internat. Ser. Numer. Math., pages 349–356. Birkhäuser/Springer, Cham, 2021. doi:10.5281/zenodo.3691894.

$\bullet $ Stephan Rave and Jens Saak. An instationary thermal-block benchmark model for parametric model order reduction. arXiv e-prints, pages arXiv:2003.00846, March 2020. arXiv:2003.00846v1.

$\bullet $ Stephan Rave and Felix Schindler. A locally conservative reduced flux reconstruction for elliptic problems. PAMM, November 2019. doi:10.1002/pamm.201900026.

$\bullet $ Linus Balicki, Petar Mlinarić, Stephan Rave, and Jens Saak. System-theoretic model order reduction with pyMOR. PAMM, November 2019. doi:10.1002/pamm.201900459.

$\bullet $ Mario Ohlberger, Andreas Buhr, Dennis Eikhorn, Christian Engwer, and Stephan Rave. Advances in model order reduction for large scale or multi-scale problems. Oberwolfach Reports, 2019:38–40, September 2019.

$\bullet $ Christoph Lehrenfeld and Stephan Rave. Mass conservative reduced order modeling of a free boundary osmotic cell swelling problem. Advances in Computational Mathematics, May 2019. doi:10.1007/s10444-019-09691-z.

$\bullet $ Julian Feinauer, Simon Hein, Stephan Rave, Sebastian Schmidt, Daniel Westhoff, Jochen Zausch, Oleg Iliev, Arnulf Latz, Mario Ohlberger, and Volker Schmidt. MULTIBAT: Unified workflow for fast electrochemical 3D simulations of lithium-ion cells combining virtual stochastic microstructures, electrochemical degradation models and model order reduction. Journal of Computational Science, 31:172–184, February 2019. doi:10.1016/j.jocs.2018.03.006.