Ankündigung: DAAD Summer School - Surviving crises through education

Higher Education Dialogue with South Europe 2021

In der Zeit vom 17.06.-19.06.2021 findet eine DAAD Summerschool zum Thema "Surviving crises through education" statt, organisiert von Prof. Dr. Marcelo Parreira do Amaral. Die Summer School wird in Kooperation mit der Universität Urbinio/Italien durchgeführt.

Ein Auszug aus der Ankündigung:

"Europe has faced several moments that have been labelled as crises in its recent past – the 2007/8 financial crisis; the so-called migration crisis after 2014; Brexit and its reverberations for political stability; the present Covid-19 crisis – and this has placed policy-making and governance under substantial distress. All these new and unexpected crises worked to exacerbate already long-lasting dilemmas in the multilevel relations between the European Commission, nation-states, regional and local authorities. Although experienced differently across the continent, with more or less “resilient” contexts (where Mediterranean countries, including Italy faced more severe problems compared to Continental and Northern countries, Germany included), these are major, across-the-board societal challenges as they become visible, for instance, in the difficult coordination of policy measures in many fields: education/training and youth policy is one of them, given the evidence of both their centrality in European policy-making (e.g. within the social investment state strategy), and the difficult social integration of younger generations. They also impacted the definition of principles and the limits of the continental subsidiarity model, and its ability to sustain both common goals and territorial differences, while at the same time enabling spatial justice, curbing inequalities in a diverse but united Europe.

The Summer School Surviving crises through education: a European challenge calls attention to issues related to the European Union’s crisis management through policy-making, using the field of education and training as a touchstone – namely issues related to the multilevel governance of policies in a specific area pertaining European youth. Closely related to this are questions as to the impact – intended as well as unintended – of these policies in creating economic growth and social inclusion while ensuring spatial justice and curbing inequalities across the continent."

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Homepage [en] der Summer School.