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Prof. Schmidt & Prof. Hensel

International Conference organized by IPBP

From September 1st to 5th 2013 more than 700 scientist from 69 countries attended the 61st International Conference and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA), organized by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry. Scientific topics ranged from Metabolic Pathway Engineering over Phytochemistry, analytical aspects, to phytopharmacology and glycobiology. Special focus was on natural products against neglected diseases and skin active compounds.

All presentations are abstracted in a special volume of  Planta Medica (2013).

The immense work for organization of the conference was done by all members of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry (recognizable during the conference by the typical green shirts); during the closing session at the end of the meeting all helpers and organisators were very happy and proud that the event had been a success: great science, perfect talks, familiar atmosphere, perfect networking between the scientist and a highly enjoyable week for a very international community at Münster University and Münster city.

A. Hensel