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The principal research interests of the Gilmour Laboratory centre on molecular design. Enantioselective organo-catalysis has revolutionised asymmetric synthesis, transforming rudimentary considerations of enamine and iminium ion reactivity into powerful strategies for stereoselective reaction design. This renaissance of catalysis mediated by low molecular weight organic amine-derivatives has culminated in the development of a colossal number of innovative, often bio-inspired, organocatalytic processes. Whilst this constantly expanding repertoire is impetus enough for further development, interplay between preparative and mechanistic studies is imperative in order to sustain innovation. The improvement of existing catalyst topologies and the de novo design of unique architectures require an intimate appreciation of the decisive interactions involved in orchestrating asymmetric amplification. Addressing this limitation is a major focus of our research programme. Other research themes include organofluorine chemistry, medicinal chemistry and preparative glycochemistry.

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