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X-Ray Laboratory

The X-Ray Crystallographic Laboratory provides routine small molecule crystal structure determinations of organic and organometallic compounds. The laboratory is equipped with three diffractometers with a wide variety of configurations (Cu-IμS and Mo-IμS X-Ray sources, conventional sealed Cu X-Ray tube, rotating anode with Mo filament, CCD- and PHOTON-100 CMOS-detectors, Oxford Cryostream 700 series low temperature devices). Due to our high standard equipment, we are able to solve nearly all of the structural problems and answer the related questions about the investigated crystals. The measurements, structure determination and refinement are done by our Laboratory staff.

Application for the CCDC-numbers with deposition of organic and organometallic structures in the CCDC-Data Base of the Crystallographic Data Center will be done on demand by Dr. C. Daniliuc.